Thursday, October 17, 2013

Want list #1 | No comments :

Current want list! Out of everything that I want the most, it would have to be the Converse low tops in black and one of the Acne wallets! I have been looking for the perfect small wallet for a while now and it has been really hard especially for a cheapo like me haha. I decided that it was time toinvest in a good wallet since the current one has been destroyed and it didn't last that long (yes, it was a cheap wallet) When I walked into the store a while back and saw the Acne card holder, I had to get it! They are quite cute, easy to carry cards around since I rarely carry cash  and they are the ideal size that I've been looking for! The only four cards I mainly bring around me are my bank card, my license, my student ID and my concession :) This is def. a Christmas list from myself to myself....

xoxo linh

Friday, October 11, 2013

A tad delayed.. | No comments :

I finally dyed my hair back to brown! What do you guys think? There is still a tint of green as the green was still strong. But so far I like it! Was going to get the ends highlighted blonde but didn't want my hair to die. Hopefully I'll get that done soon :) So what's been happening? Nothing much really .. Exams are near (29th of oct, 6th and 8th of nov), Vietnam trip with friends are in a month and my new house is almost done! Can't freakin' wait!

Enough rambling about life, I shall talk about the purchases of September :) The two first items are from so check that website out! I recommend that website as it comes literally the next day when you order things from that website and some items can be quite cheap! I recently started putting foundation all over my face and I needed something that will remove all make up and sunscreen. I was using the face wipes from Neutrogena but I feel as if it doesn't remove everything! I decided to invest in the Dermalogica Precleanse oil and man, I love it! It does take a while for it to remove eye makeup, foundation etc but after a while, it's worth it as the skin feels super clean and great. You just need about a 10cents piece amount so a little goes a long way. The second item from Adorebeauty is the Aesop hand cream. Lately my hand has been super crackly and I've had random excema break outs :( So far it works out okay on my dry fingers but on my palm etc, it works out fine!

Thanks to my older sibling, I got the blue boyfriend jeans (ootd) and Bardot fluro shorts and overalls for freee yayy! He flies interstate every fortnight for work so he gets these cool velocity points. Can't wait to wear the overalls out esp for the upcoming VN trip! Will be getting a new camera as well by using his velocity points. Sick of using my Iphone to take photos of my ootd LOL.

Beanie from Ebay / Cropped turtleneck from Savers / Blue boyfriend jeans by ShowPony / Shoes by Juju Jellies

xoxo linh

Saturday, August 24, 2013

From July | No comments :

Thought I'll just update on purchases for my blog since haven't done it in soo long. So the first two photos are a really delayed 21st birthday gift from my good friend Sushi. Thank you so much - I love it! Currently wearing the nail polish she got me and it's such a lovely soft pastel colour. She got me Kit nail polish in the shade "High Rollar", CK nail polish moisturiser and Mac lippy in the shade "Sunny Seoul". I am fully digging in the neon and pastel colours right now.

My savers haul: Haven't been to savers in such a long time so decided to go randomly and of course, I found a bunch of stuff. Been wearing the cream cardigan and jumper all the time lately. Can't wait to wear the stripey top when the weather gets a bit warmer. These are definitely my top finds!

And last but not least, the white platforms. Probably my favourite purchase even though I still haven't worn it yet.It  is something that I would probably wear once in a while but still waiting for the chance to wear it. And of course, the weather itself has been pretty bad lately with constant rains and grey skies. They're pretty comfy though and the fit is perfect! Glad I spotted them when they were 50% off on Nasty Gal.

xoxo linh

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New hair - from purple to green | 1 comment :

Hey guys! It has been ages since the last time I posted and I guess after exams, I was super ceebs with it. I'll just update you guys what has been happening so far! I went to Sydney right after exams but I don't think I'll post anything about it.

So about a month ago, I got a new haircut and hair colour by the awesome Trent, who works at Rok Ebony! Wanted a haircut for so long, esp when I haven't cut my hair in about two years lolz. Yep, pretty gross aye! I asked for an ombre and I got what I asked for yay! It turned out better than expected since it was bright purple and then gradually faded to a really cool grean. He did a straight cut for my hair.. which I find okay but I don't think it suited me. Will be dying my hair this Sunday again, back to brown and back to the choppy look! Kinda do miss my long hair :(

It was pretty easy to do as well ! All he did was dye my whole head black (well, a shade before black) and then he bleached the ends blonde and applied the brand "Crazy Colour" purple which you can buy from Hairhouse warehouse! And then it will gradually turn green. IMO, I def. like the green better! :)

Roughly 3 weeks ago, it was hot betch's birthday! Can't believe it's been a year since it was her last 21st ... Where she got uber drunk and crazy haha.  Below are the photos from the day of Kim's birthday. It is officially the colour below :) I do feel kinda goth when I'm out. Will do a proper selfie of it before it goes back to brown hah. 

The outfit of duh day
Beanie: ebay
Turtle neck striped: Thrifted
Necklace: Birthday Gift
Cardigan: Thrifted
Black jeans: Asos
Boots: Birthday gift
 Gonna do a separate post about the stuff I bought from July!

xoxo linh

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bold and colourful - Aleli's photo shoot! | No comments :

Me, Aleli and Denise!
Photos from the shoot :)

Stupid random hair..... :(

Few days ago, we did a photoshoot for Aleli's portfolio for uni - A summer/spring fashion editorial thing..? Not sure what it was exactly for but it was for her uni course! The theme was bold colours so we pretty much styled ourselves with the outfits above. We did it on top of the RMIT roof car park where it was super freezing but it was fun as! It was pretty funny at first because I was late as for the photo shoot since I got lost in the car park. Wish my hair was done better, legit did it in less than 10 seconds! Damn you Trent for not being there to make my hair look cool ! Haha jokes. Anyway, it was my first time doing this so it was really exciting :D I can't remember the name of the photographer but all the credit of the photos goes to him! The photos that are posted are my favourite ones. Not best quality since it was taken from facebook haha. Thank you Aleli for having me in your school work! Had heaps of fun!

Crop boyfriend sweater - Asos
Neon pink high waisted shorts - Asos
Juju jellies
Sunnies - Urban outfitters

xoxo linh

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Snapped by Street Smith | 1 comment :

So few weeks ago, me and my friends got approached by a street style photographer, Street Smith aka Liz McLeish in the city! It was such a privilege to be asked to be photographed. I was so shocked and did not what to expect! Thank you for the lovely shots, Liz! Check out her blog or facebook page, she takes amazing photos of street fashion :) and

Also check out Kim's blog post about her photograph here!

Beanie: Ebay
Top: thrifted
Boyfriend blue jeans: Friend
Shoes: Converse leather high tops
Bag: Baggu

xoxo linh

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gloomy | 2 comments :

Even though it isn't Winter over here in Melbourne, Autumn has been really chilly! But you know what that meansssss.. LAYERING! My outfits don't contain much colour since it has been really gloomy lately but I absolutely love it since I can't really do summer/spring. Also will be updating on the events that has happened in the last couple of weeks since I haven't really talked about what's been happening hahah. Been really flunked with school work so haven't had the time to update! Lol jks....... just been lazy.

Beanie: Ebay
White Turtleneck: Thrifted
Tartan jacket: Thrifted
Black Cardigan: Thrifted
Black high waisted jeans: Asos
Boots: Plane

xoxo linh

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rossdale Black | No comments :

Let's welcome another pair of shoes to the family, Jefferey Campbell Rossdale Black! This was an unplanned purchase and I should not have done this but I couldn't resist these babies :( Me and Kim were just suppose to be window shopping and chilling and NOT purchasing anything but we both did the naughties and ended up splurging! Everytime I hang out with Kim, I always end up buying something! But I am kinda glad I got these shoes! Very different and I just love the cut out on the sides. I wish winter would come already, going to wear these lovelies out so hard!

xoxo linh

Monday, February 25, 2013

SAVERS 50% OFF SALE! | 1 comment :

Hey guys! Here is another savers haul for the month of February wootwoot. But this time, it was the 50% off sale! I woke up at 6.30am in the morning to head to the Footscray Savers cos I was having a wisdom tooth extraction at 10.30am and that savers was only accessible but Public Transport. It took me a while to get there, like an hour (Too keen aye?) But I guess it was worth it because the things I got are pretty cool. I arrived there at around 8.20 and only had about an hour to go through the racks and such. My favourite would have to be the long drappy sleeveless coat(?), the Stripey turtleneck and the sheer pink top! This lady wanted the drappy coat and I am glad I had my hands on it. Can't wait to wear it for winter. Everything cost me less than $20 :) If you're from Australia, head to your local Savers TODAY! Ends at 9pm tonight! I might put together some outfits for the finds as I always blog about the things I bought but never really post the 'ootds'. Also have a lot of spare time and since i'll be staying home all week due to my wisdom tooth, I guess why not. So hopefully I'll have motivation to do that even though I am currently drooling non-stop and kinda in pain! Anyway, happy shopping!

P.S I've changed the layout of clothing to outside now than my usual hang-on-the-white wall. How does it look?
xoxo linh

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Futuristic shorts | 1 comment :

Finally decided to do something productive and make a proper OOTD blog post today after a lack of posting and I guess this outfit was blogspot worthy haha! I would usually do it on instagram but my blog has been dead lately so needed to update you guys. Well, this is basically what I wore last night to clubbing and it was super comfy! I can actually wear this outside but I was like why not to clubbing! Favourite piece of item here would have to be the shorts and they are high waisted which is the biggest win! I bought these a while ago but never seem to wear it. They are so futuristic and they seem to gained a lot of attention! It only cost me $20 which was a bargain and bargains are the best. They kind of remind me of the AA disco shorts but way cheaper and not as tight which is what I love. I think there was a silver version in the boutique that I bought them from and I really wish I bought that one. /regret 

Top by Subtitled
Gold shorts by Mika & Gala
Wedges by Tony Bianco
Lion Necklace: Gift

xoxo linh