Thursday, October 17, 2013

Want list #1 | No comments :

Current want list! Out of everything that I want the most, it would have to be the Converse low tops in black and one of the Acne wallets! I have been looking for the perfect small wallet for a while now and it has been really hard especially for a cheapo like me haha. I decided that it was time toinvest in a good wallet since the current one has been destroyed and it didn't last that long (yes, it was a cheap wallet) When I walked into the store a while back and saw the Acne card holder, I had to get it! They are quite cute, easy to carry cards around since I rarely carry cash  and they are the ideal size that I've been looking for! The only four cards I mainly bring around me are my bank card, my license, my student ID and my concession :) This is def. a Christmas list from myself to myself....

xoxo linh

Friday, October 11, 2013

A tad delayed.. | No comments :

I finally dyed my hair back to brown! What do you guys think? There is still a tint of green as the green was still strong. But so far I like it! Was going to get the ends highlighted blonde but didn't want my hair to die. Hopefully I'll get that done soon :) So what's been happening? Nothing much really .. Exams are near (29th of oct, 6th and 8th of nov), Vietnam trip with friends are in a month and my new house is almost done! Can't freakin' wait!

Enough rambling about life, I shall talk about the purchases of September :) The two first items are from so check that website out! I recommend that website as it comes literally the next day when you order things from that website and some items can be quite cheap! I recently started putting foundation all over my face and I needed something that will remove all make up and sunscreen. I was using the face wipes from Neutrogena but I feel as if it doesn't remove everything! I decided to invest in the Dermalogica Precleanse oil and man, I love it! It does take a while for it to remove eye makeup, foundation etc but after a while, it's worth it as the skin feels super clean and great. You just need about a 10cents piece amount so a little goes a long way. The second item from Adorebeauty is the Aesop hand cream. Lately my hand has been super crackly and I've had random excema break outs :( So far it works out okay on my dry fingers but on my palm etc, it works out fine!

Thanks to my older sibling, I got the blue boyfriend jeans (ootd) and Bardot fluro shorts and overalls for freee yayy! He flies interstate every fortnight for work so he gets these cool velocity points. Can't wait to wear the overalls out esp for the upcoming VN trip! Will be getting a new camera as well by using his velocity points. Sick of using my Iphone to take photos of my ootd LOL.

Beanie from Ebay / Cropped turtleneck from Savers / Blue boyfriend jeans by ShowPony / Shoes by Juju Jellies

xoxo linh