Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OUTFIT : Shades of Grey | No comments :

Coat - ASOS // White Jumper - Thrifted // Scarf - Country Road // Black Jeans - ASOS // Boots - By Zinda 

Say hello to a new member of my shoe collecton! These lovely boots were gifted from Daniel for our two year anniversary a few weeks ago and I honestly have no words to describe how grateful I was when receiving them! I have to say, Daniel sure has good taste in boots as he personally picked them out himself.

What I love about these boots is that they are shiny AND they don't hurt! When I first tried them on, they were quite stiff and I was worried they were gonna cause either blisters or scrapping across my ankle. The Verdict? No blisters or scrapping-against-my-ankle whatsoever! I opted to go with an all-grey-kind-of look with the new boots which I wore to a dinner that I had last Saturday with a couple of friends as well as Daniel's friends farewell party. And it really does make this outfit stand out! Really excited to wear these babies out more!

xoxo linh

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

OUTFIT : Blue Winter | 9 comments :

Fedora Hat - Cotton On // Coat - Tobi // Jeans - Asos // Shoes - Zomp

Ever since I have bought this hat a month ago, I have been wearing it non-stop with every outfit that I have worn! It has been a while since I've worn a hat as an accessory so I think my obsession with hats are over loading. I promise I will settle down... not!

Winter has finally hit us for us Australians and boy, it has been freezing! I honestly don't remember Melbourne being this cold last year but hey, that's Melbourne weather for you. Here is an outfit that I wore a couple of days ago to do some errands. I have repeated this outfit so many times since it is so versatile with every occasion so I thought it deserved to be blogged haha! Currently on the hunt for some more coats and hats so watch this space!

xoxo linh