Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bold and colourful - Aleli's photo shoot! | No comments :

Me, Aleli and Denise!
Photos from the shoot :)

Stupid random hair..... :(

Few days ago, we did a photoshoot for Aleli's portfolio for uni - A summer/spring fashion editorial thing..? Not sure what it was exactly for but it was for her uni course! The theme was bold colours so we pretty much styled ourselves with the outfits above. We did it on top of the RMIT roof car park where it was super freezing but it was fun as! It was pretty funny at first because I was late as for the photo shoot since I got lost in the car park. Wish my hair was done better, legit did it in less than 10 seconds! Damn you Trent for not being there to make my hair look cool ! Haha jokes. Anyway, it was my first time doing this so it was really exciting :D I can't remember the name of the photographer but all the credit of the photos goes to him! The photos that are posted are my favourite ones. Not best quality since it was taken from facebook haha. Thank you Aleli for having me in your school work! Had heaps of fun!

Crop boyfriend sweater - Asos
Neon pink high waisted shorts - Asos
Juju jellies
Sunnies - Urban outfitters

xoxo linh

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