Thursday, June 28, 2012

So far in Saigon... | No comments :

 da bestast soop evar!!!!!! 'hiu tiu nan vang'
'Tam Bi'
$1.73 for a bowl of soup above?? HELLZ YEEEEE
I am set for life.....
Nice bridge, smelly as RIVER!!
'Hiu Tiu $2.20 for one bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could go for a banh mi tet right now. This place also makes good as banh bao!!

Ridin' ma scooter in the city weeee
2 seconds...

Photos from my trip! I forgot the names of the food, shall ask mum tmos and edit the names. Will do malay later! Hope you guys are feeling well!
xoxo linh

Malaysia haul! Guardian Drugstore, Forever21 and many more! | No comments :

Hey guys! So the usb-net-thing in Vietnam is finally fast so I can update! This blog post I'll just dedicate to what I purchase when I was at  Malaysia. Didn't really buy a lot and I regret not buying more .. Esp sephora. Missed out cos I didn't have time LKJSGAKJASKGAS :( But I guess next time I go to Malay, I am def spamming Sephora!! The stores are Kiehls, Forever21, Sasa, Guardian drugstore and Padini! Thanks to Alison and Penn (THE BEAUTY GURU!!! He needs a blog/youtube channel I swear...) for the head start of using skin care products TEHEHEHeeheekekeke ^_^v lmao lame.

My friend, Alison got this eye cream first and told me all the good things about it so I HAD TO GET IT!! Since my eye area was dry as heck and many eye creams didn't work for me and had to try anything :'( When I saw it in the shopping centre in Malaysia I full ran for it cos I wanted it now. It cost about $33 for this little tub but it is honestly worth it. It doesn't seem a lot but for your eye area, it is! Been using it for about a week already and I gotta admit, it works! Well kindaaaaishhh. My eyelids used to be really dry, as well as the skin eye area beneath. But as I applied this on, my eye area isn't as dry! I still do have a tiny bit of flaking but it is way better than before. 

These are my Sasa haul! Didn't take photo of Natio products but they were really cheap. Around $6-8!!!!!! And in Aus, they're flippin' pricey.

I wanted to purchase the Dollywink Eyeliner since a lot of reviews says 'it is the best eyeliner' but then the sales assistant of Sasa said for the same price, I can get a better one! Which is the one above, K-Pallete real lasting eyeliner. It cost around $13 and the line of the eyeliner is pretty good. When I stroked the tester onto my hand, it produced a clean line. Looking forward to using it!

 These are for my friend since I can't really wear them.. glasses get in the way hahah but they were super cheap though, they were on sale! $11 for a pack of 20! Close up of the eyelashes. Are they good? I can't tell ... still a nubball at these of stuff.

 I've been looking for my first BB cream and a lot of YouTube reviewers have said that the Dr. Jart Black Label is a good one since it gives out good covereage etc! I wanted to purchase the Silver Label but I forgot.. noob. Also purchased the peeling gel. Will review these soon! They were both on sale where the BB cream cost $28 and the Peeling gel cost around $20?

My guardian drugstore haul! From the top, left to right I purchased: Gatsby, maybelline BB cream, In2it bb cream (Works pretty good! Good coverage and only cost $6) and Revlon eyeliner($11 each!!!! Cost $26 for one in Australia WTF), Revlon cream Concelear and 30 face mask. Below are photos of HadaLabo
 Top to Bottom
Rentional Lotion pack: $15
SHIROJYUN Whitening Mask: $10:
GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion 170mL $12.80
Face Wash: $7.50

 Mac concealer, Malaysian Airport around $22 - 23
Padini outlet: Sorry for the poor quality photo!
Sheer top $24
Dress $18 Y

Forever21 haul
 The great thing about going overseas mid year are the Mid year sales!! The four items I purchased were all on sale! I only had 15mins to go through the whole store (and it was one massive store...) and was only able to pick up these
Long yellow trousers $23
Stripey Sleeveless $18.75
Knit Top Black-silver: $12.50
Woven sleeveless Taupe shirt: $24

A heads up to anyone going to Malaysia and wants to know where to shop - Please walk out the to Pavillion shopping centre for Forever21 and Sasa. Outside the mall is Sephora, which is right next to it! Sungei Wang Plaza is a good place as well since they have pharmacies, sasa and cheap clothing. Berjaya Times Square is a massive shopping mall and they sell REALLY cheap clothes! For TopShop, Suria KLCC shopping centre. The clothes are a bit expensive but still cheaper than Australia!
xoxo linh

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HOLIDAY | 2 comments :

Right now I am overseas in Vietnam where I have been here for less than a week and so far it has been a relaxing time for me!!I've been sleeping and eating out heaps and lazying around, not feeling guilty which is soo good! I would have been out and about at the moment but it is too damn hot since it is constantly 33degrees. I don't know how the people out the markets can handle it but I guess it's a way of living for them. So far I haven't been to much other than the main shopping centres such as Vincom and Parkson Shopping centre in Saigon. Wish I took photos of the place since the city of Saigon is so pretty! The shopping centres are exactly like Myer! (Well, the make up/skin care section anyway) The make ups are actually same price as back in Melbourne or a little bit cheaper (like $5 cheaper) so I would suggest you guys to purchase your make up at Vietnam Airline DUTY FREE as it is way cheaper than plazas that I have mentioned. I haven't taken many photos since I keep forgetting to bring my camera but I'll just post on what I have :)

True Vietnamese!!
View from my parent's apartment around sunset. It was so pretty! Also that river smells so bad.. I think people dump their rubbish tsk.
75c fob rolls! Been eating it every single day... heaven!
Mum didn't want her face shown so meow.

I forgot the names of the foods but most of them are under $2. WHY ARE THEY SO CHEAP. 
Will be going to Malaysia as well on the 21st so I am super excited for that!!
xoxo linh