Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Thought I'll just update on purchases for my blog since haven't done it in soo long. So the first two photos are a really delayed 21st birthday gift from my good friend Sushi. Thank you so much - I love it! Currently wearing the nail polish she got me and it's such a lovely soft pastel colour. She got me Kit nail polish in the shade "High Rollar", CK nail polish moisturiser and Mac lippy in the shade "Sunny Seoul". I am fully digging in the neon and pastel colours right now.

My savers haul: Haven't been to savers in such a long time so decided to go randomly and of course, I found a bunch of stuff. Been wearing the cream cardigan and jumper all the time lately. Can't wait to wear the stripey top when the weather gets a bit warmer. These are definitely my top finds!

And last but not least, the white platforms. Probably my favourite purchase even though I still haven't worn it yet.It  is something that I would probably wear once in a while but still waiting for the chance to wear it. And of course, the weather itself has been pretty bad lately with constant rains and grey skies. They're pretty comfy though and the fit is perfect! Glad I spotted them when they were 50% off on Nasty Gal.

xoxo linh

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