Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Love of the denim | No comments :

Stripes and denim; the one thing I am always constantly wearing and can't seem to get away from it! Currently wearing my recently purchase jeans which I have bought from the op shop as well as the new satchel bag and I gotta say... I am definitely going to wear the living death out of these! They are super comfy, slouchy and stretchy and high waisted, they are everything you can ask for from a pair of jeans! Everything I am wearing is thrifted except for the boots. Love how you can find such mad pieces just from your local op shop and only cost less than $10 for each piece!

xoxo linh

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo diary #1 | No comments :

Wagyu Burger at the Coint
Brunch at the Pour Kids
Korean at Yami Yami

Hey hey! Been a month since I last posted so I'll just do quick photo diary of the favourite photos that I have from April! All these photos are from my instagram account so I guess you could say it's my Instagram diary post! :)

The last photo is a recent photo and it is what I bought from the local op shopping stores! Both the stripey tee ($7) and black satchel ($12) are from my local Salvos and the high waisted jeans are from Brotherhood of St Laurence. The funny thing was that I originally went to the Salvo's store to purchase this small leather backpack which I saw last week but only to find out that it was gone :( ! I was pretty bummed about it but hey, at least I something else out of it ! I'll have to say everything were good finds but obviously the jeans were the best as it only cost me $6! They are high waisted, the perfect blue colour and are super comfortable. I am done shopping for the month haha!

xoxo linh