Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Savers 60th anniversary! | No comments :

Yesterday was Saver's Australia 60th Anniversary where they celebrated with 50% off clothing, furniture and accessories! It's been a while since I've blogged about my thrift haul and I just thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about it! I can't really show you guys what I individually bought as I don't really have a hook to hang them up like I usually do but these items are pretty much basics that you would always see me buying and it only cost me $20 all up. I think my favourite find would have to be the brown trousers. It only cost me about $1.50 and I was actually about to buy a similar version from Incu that cost about $90! Luckily I didn't!

xoxo linh

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 purchases | No comments :

So I am pretty excited about the new purchases since I haven't shopped in a longggggg time! I was never a fan of Dr Denim pants/jeans as every time I purchase and wore them out, they turn out to be not so great and they end up colllecting dust in my closet .. But these jeans have completely changed my mind about the brand! They just recently came out so them being new, they were a quick sold out item. But I was lucky enough to grab the last size from the Somewhere store. At first I was quite iffy about them but with the help of Kim, she persuaded me to get them and I have no regrets! Lets hope I get a lot of wear out them.
The other two items is a crop top and high waisted shorts from Sabo Skirt. I got them from the sale section (woo cheap!) and I love them! They are the perfect item for both a night out or just a casual sunny day! But if you know me, I wear printed shorts only for clubbing haha! Can't wait to try them out! You can get them here and here.

xoxo linh

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monochromatic attire | No comments :

A typical last-minute-kind-of outfit for today's usual catch up sesh with the hot mate! Favourite piece of item would be the long droppy sleeveless cardigan which I purchased early last year. Funny thing is, this is the first time I've actually worn it LOL I seriously need to stop spending on new clothes and start wearing the ones I haven't worn. Even though this was a simple ood, it was sure a warm one! The weather man said it was 22 degrees but it honestly felt like 26-27 and I was literally cooking inside my turtle neck :( The turtle neck is made out of thin material but man, it felt like a thermal to me and wearing a beanie wasn't a great idea as well! Melbourne weather, please stop being bi-polar cos you are confusing me way too much!

Beanie - Ebay // Sleeveless drappy cardigan - Savers // Grey cropped turtle neck - Savers // Black chinos - Savers // Shoes - Asos
xoxo linh

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shop my closet | No comments :

Hi guys!  I just opened up a BigCartel online shop where I will be selling my clothes and would love you guys to check it out! At the moment, only 5 items can be shown since I don't wanna pay for a premium membership ( ... just yet) but these 5 items would be the ones I want GONE! I do have a feeling no one will buy it but hey, worth the try haha. Click here for the BigCartel website or check out the Facebook shop that I share with my cousin for way more items!

xoxo linh

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mini Road trip | No comments :

A mini road trip with the girls to Blairgowrie! The weather was perfect where it was not too hot and not too cold but good enough to sun bake. I think I have gotten tanner woo! Even though there was biting flies all over the beach, it was quite a relaxing trip. The trip consisted of  just eating, drinking, sun-baking, cliff jumping (I didn't do it .. way too scared!) and catching up with the girls. The high light of the trip getting the car stuck in a ditch LOL

xoxo linh