Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sweaters for all | 8 comments :

Whadduppppppp everyone!? Haven't really done a post about what I purchase in op shops so I might as well do one today since I went to Salvos in Mt Waverley and I finally got the camera muahahha. I have been op shopping for a few years now and man oh man it has saved me soo much money! So this blog post, I'll just dedicate to sweaters! And a non-sweater in the end. What I usually buy at op shops are sweaters since they're warm and unique and also are WAYY cheaper than every other retail stores. And they go along with anything you wear! You can never have enough of sweaters and the best place to buy them are op shops! So don't go spending $100 on a jumper when you can get a similar or even better design for only $10 or less! The majority of sweaters I own are opshopped. Actually, I only have ONE sweater that is from a retail store hahaha cos ima cheap betchhhhhhh. Haven't bought 'new' clothes in so long...

$8.99 This is from the men section. Colours are so cool
Wah pretty colourful
$8.99 I have a similar one but the collar is way too low so this one is good as!
$6.99 Cute as top, perfect for summer!
$6.99 but it was 50% for purple tags so $3.50. I have no idea why I purchase this.. looks pretty punky like but i'll probably wear it for my overseas trip!
Looking forward to wearing some of these esp. the first one! And it all cost me $28.46!!!!!!! 

xoxo linh 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Food too good | No comments :

Hi all!

So I just recently got into instagram cause everyone has it and the photo effects look cool! I don't know why I didn't get it earlier. Make my shit iphone photos look like soooo goooood hahah. Anyway on Wednesday (after my last blog) I went to catch up with my friend, Raph and also my cousin Christine and her boyfriend James where we went for some all you can eat hot pot! And boy oh boy it was good. The place we went to is called Chong Qing and it cost $26.80 per person where it is located in Glen. You can pretty much order ANYTHING from slice beef, prawn, dumplings to self-serve meat balls and is unlimited haha (wel derr linh, that's why it is all you can eat). The only downside is that the sauces aren't unlimited :( And ya know me, I like my stuff with a lot of sauce/dip etc! I got the satay sauce and it was really oil. Thought it would be legit satay or somesing.. But overeall it was pretty good and I would def. eat there again! I would recommend you guys to go there if you feel like hot pot in a cold winter season. The service is alright even though the workers are kinda fobby and always forget my water but other than that, they pretty much do their job! I would prefer hotpot over korean bbq ANY DAYYYY. Since you won't get sick of this shit and also you won't feel bad!


On the following day I spent the day doing my assignment since it was due  at 5pm :| yes .. very naughty for leaving it last minute hahahahah. Afterwards, met up with my close HOT-BETCH friend kim and few others and just browsed around the shops. Later on the night, I went to have dinner with Thomas since he is going away soon :( so I decided to take him to Station Hotel since he hasn't been! And he's like the ulitmate food critic. The place as usual was very packed so if you want to eat there, I advise you to book a spot! But we went on a Thursday so maybe that's why it was packed? We both had the beer battered fish and chips and as usual, it's really nice food :) worth $24! I really like the salad, it has some sort of dressing but I think it is just sea salt + oil? Couldn't stop eating it though so I went to eat Thomas's as well hehehe. The fish is really crispy but when you take a bite out of it, it is really soft along with the tartar sauce which wasn't just an ordinary one! And of course, the chips are flippin' good as Station Hotel makes their own chips.! Couldn't eat all of it which was strange since I could finish EVERYTHINGGGGG. We were planning to watch 'Safe' but a rat he is, decided to watch it with his friends and suggested we watched Dictator. For me, not a massive fan of comedy and rather watch thriller and action!!! So I made Dalena come out with me and we both watched safe while Thomas and his boys watched Dictator. Safe is a good as movie, so much action I LOVE IT!!!

xoxo linh