Monday, February 25, 2013

SAVERS 50% OFF SALE! | 1 comment :

Hey guys! Here is another savers haul for the month of February wootwoot. But this time, it was the 50% off sale! I woke up at 6.30am in the morning to head to the Footscray Savers cos I was having a wisdom tooth extraction at 10.30am and that savers was only accessible but Public Transport. It took me a while to get there, like an hour (Too keen aye?) But I guess it was worth it because the things I got are pretty cool. I arrived there at around 8.20 and only had about an hour to go through the racks and such. My favourite would have to be the long drappy sleeveless coat(?), the Stripey turtleneck and the sheer pink top! This lady wanted the drappy coat and I am glad I had my hands on it. Can't wait to wear it for winter. Everything cost me less than $20 :) If you're from Australia, head to your local Savers TODAY! Ends at 9pm tonight! I might put together some outfits for the finds as I always blog about the things I bought but never really post the 'ootds'. Also have a lot of spare time and since i'll be staying home all week due to my wisdom tooth, I guess why not. So hopefully I'll have motivation to do that even though I am currently drooling non-stop and kinda in pain! Anyway, happy shopping!

P.S I've changed the layout of clothing to outside now than my usual hang-on-the-white wall. How does it look?
xoxo linh

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Futuristic shorts | 1 comment :

Finally decided to do something productive and make a proper OOTD blog post today after a lack of posting and I guess this outfit was blogspot worthy haha! I would usually do it on instagram but my blog has been dead lately so needed to update you guys. Well, this is basically what I wore last night to clubbing and it was super comfy! I can actually wear this outside but I was like why not to clubbing! Favourite piece of item here would have to be the shorts and they are high waisted which is the biggest win! I bought these a while ago but never seem to wear it. They are so futuristic and they seem to gained a lot of attention! It only cost me $20 which was a bargain and bargains are the best. They kind of remind me of the AA disco shorts but way cheaper and not as tight which is what I love. I think there was a silver version in the boutique that I bought them from and I really wish I bought that one. /regret 

Top by Subtitled
Gold shorts by Mika & Gala
Wedges by Tony Bianco
Lion Necklace: Gift

xoxo linh