Saturday, February 23, 2013

Futuristic shorts | 1 comment :

Finally decided to do something productive and make a proper OOTD blog post today after a lack of posting and I guess this outfit was blogspot worthy haha! I would usually do it on instagram but my blog has been dead lately so needed to update you guys. Well, this is basically what I wore last night to clubbing and it was super comfy! I can actually wear this outside but I was like why not to clubbing! Favourite piece of item here would have to be the shorts and they are high waisted which is the biggest win! I bought these a while ago but never seem to wear it. They are so futuristic and they seem to gained a lot of attention! It only cost me $20 which was a bargain and bargains are the best. They kind of remind me of the AA disco shorts but way cheaper and not as tight which is what I love. I think there was a silver version in the boutique that I bought them from and I really wish I bought that one. /regret 

Top by Subtitled
Gold shorts by Mika & Gala
Wedges by Tony Bianco
Lion Necklace: Gift

xoxo linh

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wallflwr said...

Awwww fanx bbygurl. Every time I say the word "basics" I can't help but think of... *vomit* Love the gold shorts so much! Silver would've suited you very well too! And defs knew those wedges were Tony Biancos even before reading your post! U luk so seksii <3