Thursday, January 30, 2014

Burgers and jeans | No comments :

Melbourne weather has been scorching hot so planning outfits has been impossible for me since I am a winter kind of person. Not really a fan of shorts and skirts during the day so wearing pants is the only go for me. Luckily today's weather was perfect where it felt like it was 27 degrees even though it was around 32 degrees so I was able to layer up a tiny bit and not feel like I am in a sauna! Seriously, I can't stop wearing these shoes! I feel like they are going to be destroyed soon ahhh.

xoxo linh

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boxy sweater and black slip ons | No comments :

So happy I was able to find dupes of the following high end brands for a good set price; acne pullover and the celine black and white slip ons! The acne jumper dupe is quite boxy and over sized so I'm hoping I will be able to pull it off but not sure haha. It was quite a steal since it only cost me $25 when the real one cost about $300 so I couldn't really resist. ... Maybe one day when I work full time, I shall buy the real thing but this will have to do! But what I love about my purchases is the Asos dialog trainers. I have been looking around for a thick white platform and luckily for me, asos had my size in last. The platform isn't too thin nor too thick and the best thing yet, they were so cheap when I got it ($34 to be exact). Just love how you can wear it casually and still look a bit dressed up a bit!

xoxo linh

Saturday, January 11, 2014

b x w | No comments :

Just some favourite photos from good ol' tumblr. Can't wait for my slip ons to arrive :) The whole neutral-monochromatic look works so well with everything!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hellooooo new year! | No comments :

First blog post of the year! I know I've said this many times but I am so sorry for the lack of posting! Blogging consistently is quite hard and sometimes I just forget to do so but I promise this year, I will try and blog regularly. I honestly can't believe 2013 has gone past and 2014 is right here. I can't even remember what I even did last year.. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2013 and that 2014 would be ever better! Ok end of lame-happy-new-year-lines.

So I got one of my christmas wish list items thanks to D (yay!) and man, I have been wearing these converses non stop, neglecting my other shoes! You can't go wrong with basics and I feel like I've been wearing this outfit non-stop. Let's hope no one remembers ha.

Another purchase is the philosophy body gel/lotions and so far I love it! It smells so good that I could eat it! And great thing about this purchase is that I got it on sale! Thank you boxing day.

One big update is that I have moved to my new house! My room isn't completed yet, still have a bunch of things to do but I guess the last photo is a sneak peak of it! Will update you guys on it when it is 80% done. Will blog about my Vietnam trip and other random photo blogs later on but for now, this will have to do.

Grey tee - opshop // Otto high waisted jeans - Fat // Converse - gift // watch - gift // a-wang wallet - gift
xoxo linh