Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gloomy | 2 comments :

Even though it isn't Winter over here in Melbourne, Autumn has been really chilly! But you know what that meansssss.. LAYERING! My outfits don't contain much colour since it has been really gloomy lately but I absolutely love it since I can't really do summer/spring. Also will be updating on the events that has happened in the last couple of weeks since I haven't really talked about what's been happening hahah. Been really flunked with school work so haven't had the time to update! Lol jks....... just been lazy.

Beanie: Ebay
White Turtleneck: Thrifted
Tartan jacket: Thrifted
Black Cardigan: Thrifted
Black high waisted jeans: Asos
Boots: Plane

xoxo linh


wallflwr said...

I really like the tartan cardi! It's refreshing to the eye since the rest of the outfit is mostly black but that's not a bad thing at all. Very well put together :) Second photo is 12/10

street smith said...

super cute. x