Tuesday, October 12, 2010

stubby legs and baggy shorts | No comments :

Some of my ebay purchases that I have waited, bidded for and won! These are my top two favourite things which are the vintage Levi shorts and brown brogues! Will have to fix up the shorts cos they're actually way to big/long but honestly can't wait to wear them out esp when the heat has been increasing!

On another completely different note, it's been 2 extra days and the allergic reaction still hasn't gotten any better. Went to the doctors yesterday and he gave me some ointment and medicine and guess what .. my face also reacted really badly to the ointment! Argh! Been using 4 different type of moisturizers and I feel like it hasn't done anything! My skin feels like it's gonna drown from too much moisturizing ahhhh. 
love linh xx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi all | No comments :

So much for updating eh .. Been feeling really lazy nowadays and the only interwebz I've been through is fb and twitter and a bit of youtube lolol. So far, what are the updates of Linh? I have been at home all week, having a skin allergy reaction called the HIVES (not HIV, HIVES!) for almost a week already and it's pretty bad. And it was entirely my fault -.- Happened because I used expired olay moisturizer. So Stupid huhhhh hahahah! My face has been red and itchy, it feels like I have sun burnt on my face and that I am snowing .. skin LOL. So gross right now. Only been to one class this week ughhhh and had to skip work as well.
Since I am bored outta my brains, gonna stalk this girl ...... Frida Gustavsson ?! She's only 17-18 years old, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! So tall x__x

source: altamiranyc and chic-chic-store

xoxo linh