Monday, November 17, 2014

Favourite Room Decor #1 | No comments :

Here are a couple of my favourite room decor! Now that exams are over, I am hoping to spend more time decorating my bedroom and finalizing it! But knowing me .. I will probably put it off haha!

Credit goes to: stylizimo, whitelivingetc, tumblr and planete-deco! Click on the photos for their direct links :)

xoxo linh

Friday, July 25, 2014

Superstar 2 and essentials | No comments :

Here are my favourite essentials along with a new pair of old school kicks! This is something very different to what I would wear but it's good to change up a bit hey? The Superstar 2 are absolutely comfy and feel like cushions on my legs but the best thing yet is the fact that they are white, making them stand out by heaps! Although this will obviously wear off .. Just gimme a couple of weeks and they'll turn into daggy old damaged shoes haha. I got them in kids size meaning they are much cheaper than the adult ones (50 bucks cheaper actually ...) If anyone wants to know their size, I am a women size 7 (AUS) and wearing size 5 kids.

I was quite skeptical in purchasing the Avene Thermal Water spray as it is just pretty much expensive water in a can... right? Well my skin decided to flare up and I needed something to reduce the redness asap! Friend suggested this product and so far it has been my life saver for my dry sensitive skin! It is apparently a substitute for tap water for when you wash your face for people who are highly sensitive to tap water but as a uni student-on-a-budget, I can't just use it as tap water! The plus thing about this is that it has toned down some of the red patches on my face so now I just use it as a wake-up-spray or when my skin isn't looking it's best.

So last year for my birthday, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with the Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume and an Alexander Wang wallet! I should have blogged about this as soon as I received but I guess I wanted to see how the items would turn out! And so far, I love them! Really happy how the wallet is the reptile material meaning I don't feel guilty when scratching it haha! The perfume is somewhat the cool edgy version of floral and it actually last longer than most perfumes I have. Thank you, Daniel :) Words can't describe how happy I am with you and you spoil me way too much!

xoxo linh

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All neutral | No comments :

Here are some of the items that I've collected from Savers 50% haul few weeks ago along with an item from the Vinnies centre! I think the favourite buy of Savers would be the white speckled trousers as it only cost me $1.50 AND they're high waisted ahohoho! I think for an item to be my favourite, they would have to be high waisted haha. They're quite baggy but it was so worth the buy since white pants is currently in right now and very versatile. Currently on a hunt for nice pair of white jeans so fingers crossed I can find them!
I also purchased a couple of items from Vinnies which were black pants (not shown here) and a baggy striped tee. I swear I have so many striped tees, it's really an addiction!

Btw guys, I will be selling my clothes on insta here and there so keep on the watch if you are interested! :D Anyway back to study now, two more weeks till my exams end woo!

xoxo linh

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Love of the denim | No comments :

Stripes and denim; the one thing I am always constantly wearing and can't seem to get away from it! Currently wearing my recently purchase jeans which I have bought from the op shop as well as the new satchel bag and I gotta say... I am definitely going to wear the living death out of these! They are super comfy, slouchy and stretchy and high waisted, they are everything you can ask for from a pair of jeans! Everything I am wearing is thrifted except for the boots. Love how you can find such mad pieces just from your local op shop and only cost less than $10 for each piece!

xoxo linh

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo diary #1 | No comments :

Wagyu Burger at the Coint
Brunch at the Pour Kids
Korean at Yami Yami

Hey hey! Been a month since I last posted so I'll just do quick photo diary of the favourite photos that I have from April! All these photos are from my instagram account so I guess you could say it's my Instagram diary post! :)

The last photo is a recent photo and it is what I bought from the local op shopping stores! Both the stripey tee ($7) and black satchel ($12) are from my local Salvos and the high waisted jeans are from Brotherhood of St Laurence. The funny thing was that I originally went to the Salvo's store to purchase this small leather backpack which I saw last week but only to find out that it was gone :( ! I was pretty bummed about it but hey, at least I something else out of it ! I'll have to say everything were good finds but obviously the jeans were the best as it only cost me $6! They are high waisted, the perfect blue colour and are super comfortable. I am done shopping for the month haha!

xoxo linh 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

OOTD + VAMFF update | No comments :

It's already week 4 of university already and I am already flunked with so many assignments and homework. So far I haven't had any stressful days just yet .. but it is slowly creeping onto me. Here is an outfit that I was planning to wear to uni but being me .. I ended up right back into bed LOL! Felt like it was a waste to just take it off so I decided to snap some photos and probably save this outfit for next week haha! Everything besides the hat and the boots are thrifted. As you can see, my boots are absolutely ragged but I can't throw these babies out just yet!

Another update would be that I am done with volunteering for the VAMFF and it was quite an interesting experience! One of the shift I had was a front-of-house shift and it was on a Thursday where we had to set up one of the run-ways; that being Cosmos and Elles. This meant that we were able to watch the show for free and even received some free goodies. It was super fun and so glad that I was given the opportunity to experience one of the best runways!

Some of Cameo and Jagger the Label design pieces

xoxo linh

Monday, March 17, 2014

Black Beanie and Blue Jeans | No comments :

The cold season is officially back which means a lot of layering, beanies, fat sweaters and a good reason to eat shit loads! (as you can see from the above photo of how me and Kim have our own pizza... ) Can't tell you how excited and happy to have the cold weather back. Oh and in case you guys are wondering where the pizzas are from, they are from an Italian joint called +39 Pizzeria!

Beanie from ebay // Sweater hand picked by the bf at savers woo // Dr Denim boyf jeans // Chelsea boots from asos

xoxo linh

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

OOTD: Back to School | No comments :

Goodbye to the holiday sloth life and hello to university days. I honestly can't believe the three months holiday has ended already and the worst thing is, I don't remember what I did through out the three months .. :( Clearly shows I haven't done much with my time!

Anyway here is the outfit of the day today! I think the look I was going for was the "back to school" kind of look as the trousers look like school boy pants! (even though I call them the granny pants haha!). Everything I am wearing was thrifted (besides the shoes!) where the cardigan and the brown trousers are from the new Savers rack that I blogged before this post! Really adoring these pants, they are absolutely comfy, high waisted and for something that cost $1.50, it was definitely worth it! And another update for you guys, I will be volunteering for Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival! Quite excited and nervous at the same time but I know it will be a great experience for me!

xoxo linh

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Savers 60th anniversary! | No comments :

Yesterday was Saver's Australia 60th Anniversary where they celebrated with 50% off clothing, furniture and accessories! It's been a while since I've blogged about my thrift haul and I just thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about it! I can't really show you guys what I individually bought as I don't really have a hook to hang them up like I usually do but these items are pretty much basics that you would always see me buying and it only cost me $20 all up. I think my favourite find would have to be the brown trousers. It only cost me about $1.50 and I was actually about to buy a similar version from Incu that cost about $90! Luckily I didn't!

xoxo linh