Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Right now I am overseas in Vietnam where I have been here for less than a week and so far it has been a relaxing time for me!!I've been sleeping and eating out heaps and lazying around, not feeling guilty which is soo good! I would have been out and about at the moment but it is too damn hot since it is constantly 33degrees. I don't know how the people out the markets can handle it but I guess it's a way of living for them. So far I haven't been to much other than the main shopping centres such as Vincom and Parkson Shopping centre in Saigon. Wish I took photos of the place since the city of Saigon is so pretty! The shopping centres are exactly like Myer! (Well, the make up/skin care section anyway) The make ups are actually same price as back in Melbourne or a little bit cheaper (like $5 cheaper) so I would suggest you guys to purchase your make up at Vietnam Airline DUTY FREE as it is way cheaper than plazas that I have mentioned. I haven't taken many photos since I keep forgetting to bring my camera but I'll just post on what I have :)

True Vietnamese!!
View from my parent's apartment around sunset. It was so pretty! Also that river smells so bad.. I think people dump their rubbish tsk.
75c fob rolls! Been eating it every single day... heaven!
Mum didn't want her face shown so meow.

I forgot the names of the foods but most of them are under $2. WHY ARE THEY SO CHEAP. 
Will be going to Malaysia as well on the 21st so I am super excited for that!!
xoxo linh


c a r r i e said...

I finally know your blog url haha!
Miss you a little, hope you're having fun!
No way you're gonna get fat eating that food, it looks soooo good!

lovely linh said...

YAY! miss you too man. miss bitching to someone and looking at clothes :( hahaha i've already gained a bit cos i eat so muchhhhhhh. can't wait to catch up with you and kim!