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Malaysia haul! Guardian Drugstore, Forever21 and many more! | No comments :

Hey guys! So the usb-net-thing in Vietnam is finally fast so I can update! This blog post I'll just dedicate to what I purchase when I was at  Malaysia. Didn't really buy a lot and I regret not buying more .. Esp sephora. Missed out cos I didn't have time LKJSGAKJASKGAS :( But I guess next time I go to Malay, I am def spamming Sephora!! The stores are Kiehls, Forever21, Sasa, Guardian drugstore and Padini! Thanks to Alison and Penn (THE BEAUTY GURU!!! He needs a blog/youtube channel I swear...) for the head start of using skin care products TEHEHEHeeheekekeke ^_^v lmao lame.

My friend, Alison got this eye cream first and told me all the good things about it so I HAD TO GET IT!! Since my eye area was dry as heck and many eye creams didn't work for me and had to try anything :'( When I saw it in the shopping centre in Malaysia I full ran for it cos I wanted it now. It cost about $33 for this little tub but it is honestly worth it. It doesn't seem a lot but for your eye area, it is! Been using it for about a week already and I gotta admit, it works! Well kindaaaaishhh. My eyelids used to be really dry, as well as the skin eye area beneath. But as I applied this on, my eye area isn't as dry! I still do have a tiny bit of flaking but it is way better than before. 

These are my Sasa haul! Didn't take photo of Natio products but they were really cheap. Around $6-8!!!!!! And in Aus, they're flippin' pricey.

I wanted to purchase the Dollywink Eyeliner since a lot of reviews says 'it is the best eyeliner' but then the sales assistant of Sasa said for the same price, I can get a better one! Which is the one above, K-Pallete real lasting eyeliner. It cost around $13 and the line of the eyeliner is pretty good. When I stroked the tester onto my hand, it produced a clean line. Looking forward to using it!

 These are for my friend since I can't really wear them.. glasses get in the way hahah but they were super cheap though, they were on sale! $11 for a pack of 20! Close up of the eyelashes. Are they good? I can't tell ... still a nubball at these of stuff.

 I've been looking for my first BB cream and a lot of YouTube reviewers have said that the Dr. Jart Black Label is a good one since it gives out good covereage etc! I wanted to purchase the Silver Label but I forgot.. noob. Also purchased the peeling gel. Will review these soon! They were both on sale where the BB cream cost $28 and the Peeling gel cost around $20?

My guardian drugstore haul! From the top, left to right I purchased: Gatsby, maybelline BB cream, In2it bb cream (Works pretty good! Good coverage and only cost $6) and Revlon eyeliner($11 each!!!! Cost $26 for one in Australia WTF), Revlon cream Concelear and 30 face mask. Below are photos of HadaLabo
 Top to Bottom
Rentional Lotion pack: $15
SHIROJYUN Whitening Mask: $10:
GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion 170mL $12.80
Face Wash: $7.50

 Mac concealer, Malaysian Airport around $22 - 23
Padini outlet: Sorry for the poor quality photo!
Sheer top $24
Dress $18 Y

Forever21 haul
 The great thing about going overseas mid year are the Mid year sales!! The four items I purchased were all on sale! I only had 15mins to go through the whole store (and it was one massive store...) and was only able to pick up these
Long yellow trousers $23
Stripey Sleeveless $18.75
Knit Top Black-silver: $12.50
Woven sleeveless Taupe shirt: $24

A heads up to anyone going to Malaysia and wants to know where to shop - Please walk out the to Pavillion shopping centre for Forever21 and Sasa. Outside the mall is Sephora, which is right next to it! Sungei Wang Plaza is a good place as well since they have pharmacies, sasa and cheap clothing. Berjaya Times Square is a massive shopping mall and they sell REALLY cheap clothes! For TopShop, Suria KLCC shopping centre. The clothes are a bit expensive but still cheaper than Australia!
xoxo linh

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