Thursday, June 28, 2012

So far in Saigon... | No comments :

 da bestast soop evar!!!!!! 'hiu tiu nan vang'
'Tam Bi'
$1.73 for a bowl of soup above?? HELLZ YEEEEE
I am set for life.....
Nice bridge, smelly as RIVER!!
'Hiu Tiu $2.20 for one bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could go for a banh mi tet right now. This place also makes good as banh bao!!

Ridin' ma scooter in the city weeee
2 seconds...

Photos from my trip! I forgot the names of the food, shall ask mum tmos and edit the names. Will do malay later! Hope you guys are feeling well!
xoxo linh

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