Friday, July 25, 2014

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Here are my favourite essentials along with a new pair of old school kicks! This is something very different to what I would wear but it's good to change up a bit hey? The Superstar 2 are absolutely comfy and feel like cushions on my legs but the best thing yet is the fact that they are white, making them stand out by heaps! Although this will obviously wear off .. Just gimme a couple of weeks and they'll turn into daggy old damaged shoes haha. I got them in kids size meaning they are much cheaper than the adult ones (50 bucks cheaper actually ...) If anyone wants to know their size, I am a women size 7 (AUS) and wearing size 5 kids.

I was quite skeptical in purchasing the Avene Thermal Water spray as it is just pretty much expensive water in a can... right? Well my skin decided to flare up and I needed something to reduce the redness asap! Friend suggested this product and so far it has been my life saver for my dry sensitive skin! It is apparently a substitute for tap water for when you wash your face for people who are highly sensitive to tap water but as a uni student-on-a-budget, I can't just use it as tap water! The plus thing about this is that it has toned down some of the red patches on my face so now I just use it as a wake-up-spray or when my skin isn't looking it's best.

So last year for my birthday, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with the Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume and an Alexander Wang wallet! I should have blogged about this as soon as I received but I guess I wanted to see how the items would turn out! And so far, I love them! Really happy how the wallet is the reptile material meaning I don't feel guilty when scratching it haha! The perfume is somewhat the cool edgy version of floral and it actually last longer than most perfumes I have. Thank you, Daniel :) Words can't describe how happy I am with you and you spoil me way too much!

xoxo linh

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