Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Here are some of the items that I've collected from Savers 50% haul few weeks ago along with an item from the Vinnies centre! I think the favourite buy of Savers would be the white speckled trousers as it only cost me $1.50 AND they're high waisted ahohoho! I think for an item to be my favourite, they would have to be high waisted haha. They're quite baggy but it was so worth the buy since white pants is currently in right now and very versatile. Currently on a hunt for nice pair of white jeans so fingers crossed I can find them!
I also purchased a couple of items from Vinnies which were black pants (not shown here) and a baggy striped tee. I swear I have so many striped tees, it's really an addiction!

Btw guys, I will be selling my clothes on insta here and there so keep on the watch if you are interested! :D Anyway back to study now, two more weeks till my exams end woo!

xoxo linh

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