Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sweaters for all | 8 comments :

Whadduppppppp everyone!? Haven't really done a post about what I purchase in op shops so I might as well do one today since I went to Salvos in Mt Waverley and I finally got the camera muahahha. I have been op shopping for a few years now and man oh man it has saved me soo much money! So this blog post, I'll just dedicate to sweaters! And a non-sweater in the end. What I usually buy at op shops are sweaters since they're warm and unique and also are WAYY cheaper than every other retail stores. And they go along with anything you wear! You can never have enough of sweaters and the best place to buy them are op shops! So don't go spending $100 on a jumper when you can get a similar or even better design for only $10 or less! The majority of sweaters I own are opshopped. Actually, I only have ONE sweater that is from a retail store hahaha cos ima cheap betchhhhhhh. Haven't bought 'new' clothes in so long...

$8.99 This is from the men section. Colours are so cool
Wah pretty colourful
$8.99 I have a similar one but the collar is way too low so this one is good as!
$6.99 Cute as top, perfect for summer!
$6.99 but it was 50% for purple tags so $3.50. I have no idea why I purchase this.. looks pretty punky like but i'll probably wear it for my overseas trip!
Looking forward to wearing some of these esp. the first one! And it all cost me $28.46!!!!!!! 

xoxo linh 


Anonymous said...

you and your friend look you get that a lot?

i like the last top btw

lovely linh said...

Which friend? :S

Hahahah thanks! but donno why I bought it though. got a feeling i won't even wear it.

Anonymous said...


mmmm...I think it'll look good with blue jeans or denim shorts!

lovely linh said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH ........ i had a feeling you would say that. we're not friends but yeah i get that a lot. it's cos of the glasses isnt it?!

yeah i tried it on, i look manly as! :( i guess ill see how it goes when its warmer season!

Anonymous said...

Haha.sorry,I thought you knew each other. Yeah, it's the glasses and hair! Lol.

Or you could wear a grey long sleeve top underneath and that over the top unbuttoned? It probably looks manly because you're petite? Haha

Alison N said...

^ loooooooooooooooooooooool

Anonymous said...

i like the 2nd one! your post is inspiring me to visit the salvos after exams...own way too many cardigans and not enough sweaters. need new sweats! do they have changing rooms by any chance?

lovely linh said...

yeah you have to go for sweaters! it's much better than spending money at retail stores cos they're sooo expensive. i need more cardigans as well! and yupp majority of them should have changing rooms :)