Sunday, October 10, 2010

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So much for updating eh .. Been feeling really lazy nowadays and the only interwebz I've been through is fb and twitter and a bit of youtube lolol. So far, what are the updates of Linh? I have been at home all week, having a skin allergy reaction called the HIVES (not HIV, HIVES!) for almost a week already and it's pretty bad. And it was entirely my fault -.- Happened because I used expired olay moisturizer. So Stupid huhhhh hahahah! My face has been red and itchy, it feels like I have sun burnt on my face and that I am snowing .. skin LOL. So gross right now. Only been to one class this week ughhhh and had to skip work as well.
Since I am bored outta my brains, gonna stalk this girl ...... Frida Gustavsson ?! She's only 17-18 years old, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! So tall x__x

source: altamiranyc and chic-chic-store

xoxo linh

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