Wednesday, June 3, 2015

OUTFIT : Blue Winter | 9 comments :

Fedora Hat - Cotton On // Coat - Tobi // Jeans - Asos // Shoes - Zomp

Ever since I have bought this hat a month ago, I have been wearing it non-stop with every outfit that I have worn! It has been a while since I've worn a hat as an accessory so I think my obsession with hats are over loading. I promise I will settle down... not!

Winter has finally hit us for us Australians and boy, it has been freezing! I honestly don't remember Melbourne being this cold last year but hey, that's Melbourne weather for you. Here is an outfit that I wore a couple of days ago to do some errands. I have repeated this outfit so many times since it is so versatile with every occasion so I thought it deserved to be blogged haha! Currently on the hunt for some more coats and hats so watch this space!

xoxo linh


Anonymous said...

Your coat is perfect. xx



Amazing jacket! I love herringbone pattern X


Machachu said...

Great outfit! I love your hat & your coat :) x

Elodie said...

I'm currently on the French Riviera, wearing denim shorts and a bikini top and you're making me wish I could skip summer right now. This coat is so dreamy!

- Elodie x

Claudi said...

melb was indeed freezing, I just returned home from a trip to Australia! love it there.

your outfit is great, I need a coat like this too. Tobi never disappoints :)

Adela Acanski said...

Amazing! Perfect!

welovefur said...

Woooow! I love your blog. I hope you will like mine

Visa said...

everything about this look is spot on! totally wishing it was winter here. followed and looking forward to your updates.

Samantha Mariko said...

I love this outfit! too bad its not autumn where I am!