Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OUTFIT : Oversize coat | 2 comments :

Happy to say that the cold season is here! That means layering up with thick oversize jackets, tons of sweaters and of course, beanies! Bought this nice jacket from Tobi few months and I finally got the chance to wear it out. It is somewhat oversize but I really do love the pattern of it.

Here is an outfit that I've put together on Friday. I think it may have looked better with skinny jeans or tight fitted black pants but the reason why I decided to wear the joggers was because I had an All-you-can-eat buffet date with the boyfriend that day. And who seriously wants to wear tight jeans when you are about to eat a ton of food!? I guess that calls for another outfit repeat :)

xoxo linh


Jennifer Jayne said...

Gorgeous coat.

Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

Marina Burridge said...

this is look its super cool.
loving the boots!

Marina | Marina-Simone Blog