Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 purchases | No comments :

So I am pretty excited about the new purchases since I haven't shopped in a longggggg time! I was never a fan of Dr Denim pants/jeans as every time I purchase and wore them out, they turn out to be not so great and they end up colllecting dust in my closet .. But these jeans have completely changed my mind about the brand! They just recently came out so them being new, they were a quick sold out item. But I was lucky enough to grab the last size from the Somewhere store. At first I was quite iffy about them but with the help of Kim, she persuaded me to get them and I have no regrets! Lets hope I get a lot of wear out them.
The other two items is a crop top and high waisted shorts from Sabo Skirt. I got them from the sale section (woo cheap!) and I love them! They are the perfect item for both a night out or just a casual sunny day! But if you know me, I wear printed shorts only for clubbing haha! Can't wait to try them out! You can get them here and here.

xoxo linh

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