Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boxy sweater and black slip ons | No comments :

So happy I was able to find dupes of the following high end brands for a good set price; acne pullover and the celine black and white slip ons! The acne jumper dupe is quite boxy and over sized so I'm hoping I will be able to pull it off but not sure haha. It was quite a steal since it only cost me $25 when the real one cost about $300 so I couldn't really resist. ... Maybe one day when I work full time, I shall buy the real thing but this will have to do! But what I love about my purchases is the Asos dialog trainers. I have been looking around for a thick white platform and luckily for me, asos had my size in last. The platform isn't too thin nor too thick and the best thing yet, they were so cheap when I got it ($34 to be exact). Just love how you can wear it casually and still look a bit dressed up a bit!

xoxo linh

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