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Been a while since I blogged about my favourite purchases so decided to take a break from my outfits and blog about the favourites from April. I didn't accumulate lot of things in the past month but I believe these products are worth blogging for. It will be a long as post compared to my other posts but I really want to tell you guys how much I love these products!

First and foremost, is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range where I purchase the Night Concentrate and the Hydro Boost Eye Cream. I purchase the two products at Chemist Warehouse and after a month of using it, I really do enjoy using them! I desperately needed an eye cream and a night cream where a friend actually first recommended a well-known Korean brand called Laneige. Now I am a type of person to read at least 15 reviews when it comes to purchasing skin care products and after a whole lot of reading reviews of the Laneige range, I stumbled on blogs where they reviewed the Neutrogena Hydro Boost and that it was somewhat a dupe to Laneige's Sleeping Mask Night Cream. Laneige is definitely brand that I would like to try but I had to order the products online. So I thought to my self, why not purchase the Neutrogena one first at a store near me? The night cream RRP for $20.99 and the eye cream was $15.99.

Neutrogena's Night Boost was boasted on many blogs and it was a much more preferred than Laneiges. The Night boost has a soft yet gooey texture but what I really love about the product is the cooling sensation when placed on the skin. I also love how it sinks into the skin in a matter of minutes so you don't really get a product-like-feeling when you hop into bed. The scent of the product smells quite nice and refreshing as well and when I wake up the next day, my skin feels soft and ready for what the day has to come. As for the eye cream, I really love how it has a rolling ball on the end of the applicator so you also get a cooling sensation when placed onto your eyelids. It has helped with the dryness and has decreased my eye puffiness but not a major change in panda eyes. Nevertheless, it was affordable and something easy to use. Both of these products were made in Korea so it made me feel that I was getting a bit of Laneige out if it haha! Will I repurchase them again? I will most likely repurchase Night Boost but as for the eye cream - I am the type of person to try and empty out the eye creams and purchase another brand.

My next favourite is probably hands-down the holy grail of everything I have ever owned and it is the L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation. I've only ever used one foundation brand which was the Revlon's Colour Stay and I really did love that product. But after using the Lumi Magique Foundation for the very first time, I have to say it beats Colour Stay by a million! It is also a dupe of Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk which retails for about $85 in Australia and for me, that is a bit expensive!
What do I have to say about the foundation? It. is. the. BEST! The coverage of Lumi Magique Foundation is 10/10, the price is decent but affordable (RRP for $33 but I got it for $19.80 due to Priceline's 40% sale), the shade is spot on (I am a C1 Rose Porcelain) and it has a SPF of 18 meaning it won't cast a heavy white cast when taking photos. I use a beauty blender sponge to apply on this my face and it gives out such a beautiful coverage. Will I repurchase? Hell yeah! I think this foundation is ideal for normal to dry skin (dry patches) but L'oreal states it works for many skin types!

Next to the Lumi Magique Foundation is the Lumi Magique's Primer. Now I don't think it is really a primer because it doesn't make my foundation last longer but instead, it is more of an illuminating primer. This will provide your skin with a 'luminous dewy glow' and if you're into that look, I suggest trying this product out! I really do enjoy using the primer as it gives me an amazing-shimmery-glow finish and it does make it easier for me to apply the foundation on it too. Overall, it will provide your skin a youthful and nice glow and I would definitely recommend purchasing it!

Last but not least is a gift from the boyfriend; the Larsson and Jennings watch. I was speechless when the boyfriend gifted it to me and it really deserves to be my favourite of a lifetime. It goes with every outfit that I have worn, it is a basic yet sophisticated item and better yet, it just reminds me of how lucky I am to have Daniel in my life :)

Phew! That was a whole heap! I probably should write a separate post for each product but I guess it wouldn't be considered a monthly-favourite, would it?

Do you guys have any recommendations for night creams, eye creams and foundations? I would love some recommendations and opinions from you guys!

xoxo linh

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