Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travel Photo Diary #1 - Singapore and Vietnam | 1 comment :


Vietnam - Independence Palace

Ho Chi Minh City 

This only cost $1.82!

I recently came back from a holiday at Vietnam with the boyfriend and I just wish I was back there again! I already miss the $1.20 fobrolls, meals that cost less than four dollars and waking up to the countless honking of the bikes in the morning! But knowing me, I will probably visit Vietnam again next year. We didn't really go around Vietnam but we did go to Nha Trang and that will be on another blog post :)

The first couple of photos was at Singapore where we had to stop overnight due to some problems with Daniel's visa (Most stressful moment I have ever encountered!). It was my first time being able to step out of the Changi Airport so it was quite an exciting experience! My favourite bit about Singapore was eating Roti bread and curry at Little India in the morning for breakfast as it was super cheap and it felt really authentic. We didn't go to the main city since our flight to Vietnam was at 2pm but it felt nice to finally step on Singapore grounds and to see what it was like!
xoxo linh

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