Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Wishlist | No comments :

5. NARS Blush in the shade 'Armour' and 'Orgasm' (or anything in a nice pink tone heh)
6. Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom Eau de Parfum

Here is a wish list that I have been saving it for this blog post and decided to blog it up since Christmas is almost here! I really should not use this an excuse to splurge... but then again it is Christmas so why the heck not! Really want a watch and I had a cheap leather-kinda-ones you buy at op shops but the ones I got haven't been working --" so I decided might as well spend a bit more in something better. But I guess for a watch for $4, can't expect for it to work all the time! Both the silver and gold look pretty good but I'll probably go for silver. Or I'll see how I feel ha! Also my friend Kim, intro'd me to her fragrance ages ago and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I hope she doesn't mind me wanting it .... (I think it's that fragrance. Awks if it wasn't but it was def. Sarah jessica Parker!)

xoxo linh

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