Monday, August 13, 2012

AUGUST SAVERS HAUL!! | No comments :

Sorry for the uber late updates! So far a lot of events has been happening in the past few weeks so I guess I got an excuse to blog (since there was nothing to blog about after I came back from overseas hahaha..) I'll dedicate this blog for my August SAVERS HAUL! And everything else in a separate blog as per usual :) I am kinda bummed cos I missed out on the 50% sale on the 25th July.... so would have def spent heaps! and probably could have saved $15! But I am happy with the purchases anyway and it is still cheap as chips hehe.

it was a pretty massive bag..
All this cost around $34!
can't get enough of sweaters! $6.99

Finally got meself a camo jacket! altho it is really light .. so gotta make it work :/ $4.99
haven't got many cardigans but in love with the brown one! Brown cardigan: $3.99 and White cardigan: $5.99
black top: $3.99 and white $5.99! i've worn the black one to a friend's birthday so I will show you how I wore it haha!
I just realised that savers or whatever are getting pretty pricey! I mean I saw a normal cardigan that was very similar to the brown/white for $15 or a sweater for $17 So pricey :/ I hope they don't rise the prices up in the future! Cos I honestly wouldn't spend that much for a clothing at savers .. hahah I sound so friggin' cheap right now. 

xoxo linh

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